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Demo bank 1 - Grand Pianos and more


At the heart of our sound bank are samples of flagship concert grands from famous manufacturers in Vienna (Imperial 290) and Hamburg (Model D).






Quick Guide: Piano Modeling Parameters

String Resonance (pedal down)

When you press the sustain pedal, the dampers move up and away from the strings to let them resonate freely. This function is supported by our new multi-layer algorithm.

Sympathetic Resonance

Sympathetic resonance is a harmonic phenomenon whereby a passive string begins to vibrate from the vibrations of other strings that are harmoniously related to it.


The note-off samples used here vary between velocity and elapsed time. Immediately after a key is struck, other samples come into play, just as they do after a note held for three seconds.


When the sustain pedal is pressed again after being released, it reactivates or grabs the string resonance that is still there.

Half pedal function

Just like a real piano, the intensity of the sustain effect varies, depending on how far you press the pedal.

Pedal noise

On-off samples create the typical pedal noise of an acoustic piano.

Demo bank 1 - Grand Pianos and more 

Prg. 0 Grand Piano Vienna Imperial 11 layer + sustain pedal layer + Hammer note off + Pedal noise + Sympathetic Resonance 717 MB
Prg. 1 Grand Piano Vienna Imperia 11 laye                                          + Hammer note off + Pedal noise + Sympathetic Resonance  680 MB
 Prg. 2 Grand Piano Hamburg D 8 layer + sustain pedal layer + Hammer note off + Pedal noise + Sympathetic Resonance 470 MB
 Prg. 3 Grand Piano Hamburg D 8 layer                                         + Hammer note off + Pedal noise + Sympathetic Resonance 417 MB
 Prg. 4 Grand Piano Vienna Imperial 5 layer                                         + Hammer note off + Pedal noise + Sympathetic Resonance  97 MB
Prg. 5 E-Piano Tine 5 layer note on | 4 layer note off  170 MB
Prg. 6 E-Piano FM/DX 3 layer    10 MB
 Prg. 7 Organ Perc soft 1 layer note on | 1 layer note off    13 MB
 Prg. 8 Classic String Orchestra 3 layer    11 MB
 Prg. 9 Synth Strings 1 layer      2 MB
*Note Demo sound means: All sounds have missing key areas.  

V3SOUND Demo Bank 1 - Piano and more  10-03-2020 Dream5000.zip

Test environment: Dream 5000-SDK Sound Development Board allows max 256MB bank transfer from Bank Compiler (the 2 GB is only available for Dream Instrument Editor). You can use Dream 5916PIA-DK (2GB) or 5716EK-REV3 (1GB) evaluation boards for test of the larger sounds. Please contact to Dream for purchase. Of course you can also use your own hardware.
For SAM5000 firmware developers: please contact to Dream regarding controlling the piano modeling parameters described above.


We offer three different licensing models for implementing our sounds in your products. Contact us if you want to know more about it.

Demo bank 2 - Drums and Percussion - call us


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