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Full control of all sounds with registration memory

All V3 sound modules are standard MIDI expanders. The housing has two pots: master volume and master reverb. Use MIDI to call up sounds and to make all other adjustments. If your MIDI instrument doesn’t have these functions available, the Windows App MidiToolEx is the perfect solution.

This App was specifically developed for the V3 Sound Expander and is exclusively for controlling sounds and their dynamics. MidiToolEx not only organizes and saves all sounds and effects for 16 instruments, it also has a Midi player, screen, playlists and much more. The MidiToolEx can access an AUX stereo output, which allows you to really make the most of the technical advantages of the V3 Sound Expander.
Grand Piano XXL MDEX

MidiToolEx was developed as the smallest, most economical piece of hardware possible that can maximize the possibilities your V3 Sound Expander – and its sounds – offers. This software basically controls all the important Midi dynamics, saves your settings, and allows you to call them up easily. The user interface is simple; it uses large icons so you can run it on a tablet without a keyboard or mouse.

Since MidiToolEx also comes with its own integrated Midi player, you have it all. You can play the Expander live through an external keyboard; you can play Midi files through the internal player; or you can play both at the same time.

All Midi channels can be freely assigned, transposed and limited, which means you can define any kind of layer or split sounds, or control multiple drumkits at the same time. You can also save various “snapshots” of your sound settings and then switch to them during live performance, without any noticeable delay.

MidiToolEx is perfectly suited for both mobile use on tablets in live performances and desktop use on PCs in the studio.


Click here to get the MidiToolEx App for Windows.

What can the App do??

1. It is optimized for use on tablets
2. It can access almost all of the Midi parameters of the V3 Sound Expander
3. You can play it through a Midi keyboard in live performances
4. It has any number of layer and split options
5. It has an integrated Midi player and 16 Midi channels
6. You can control the instruments from 2 stereo outputs (MAIN / AUX)
7. Its screen can display jpegs (for notation and song texts)
8. You can create your own playlists
Screen resolution: min. 900 x 900 Operating system: Windows 7/8/10





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