Full control of sounds and dynamics

All V3 sound modules are standard MIDI expanders. The housing has two pots: master volume and master reverb. Use MIDI to call up sounds and to make all other adjustments. If your MIDI instrument doesn’t have these functions available, the iOS App MIDIDESIGNER is the perfect solution.

The App itself does not produce any sounds. It is solely for control of the V3 sound module’s sounds and dynamics. Because your keyboard can be plugged into the USB port and the iPad to the MIDI IN port at the same time, you can play without any audio latency (0 ms). Grand Piano XXL iOS

The iOS App MIDIDESIGNER for iPads and iPhones is available in the App Store and developed by Confusion Studios LLC.
For 10 years, MIDIDESIGNER has been the leading App for MIDI and iOS solutions.

Layout Template Grand Piano XXL - iPAD
Layout Template Grand Piano XXl - iPhone

What can the App do?

1. It makes the selection of any sound easy.
2. You can adjust any parameter, such as volume, reverb, chorus, attack, etc.
3. You can save your settings in 128 registrations.
4. It allows you to layer sounds on one MIDI channel (strings and flutes).
For both sounds, dynamics such as volume and reverb can be set separately and saved.
5. By connecting a foot pedal, the App makes it possible to change sounds and layers with one tap while you are playing.

How to put it together

We tested the interfaces described below on October 1, 2019. New hardware products (interface cables) for the iPad are regularly introduced to the market, so the products listed in our examples may not be the most current ones available.


1. My MIDI instrument has a USB port

If your MIDI instrument has a USB port for standard MIDI, you only need a simple MIDI interface with an Apple Lightning cable.

Connect the MIDI keyboard to the V3 sound module with the USB cable and connect the iPAD int

Interface examples:
* iConnectMIDI1 Lightning Version, 1-in 1-out USB to MIDI Interface for Mac, PC and iOS
* IK Multimedia iRig Midi 2
IK Multimedia iRig Midi 2 Interface: approx. 60 Euros.

2. My MIDI instrument does not have a USB port.

In order to connect the iPad and your MIDI instrument to the V3 sound module at the same time, you need a MIDI Mergebox, such as MIDI Solutions Merger V2, or a larger MIDI interface in which the MERGE function is integrated.

1. Plug the MIDI keyboard and the iPAD interface into the MIDI Mergebox.
2. Connect the Mergebox MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN on the V3 sound module.

Interface examples:
* iConnectMIDI1 Lightning Version, 1-in 1-out USB to MIDI Interface for Mac, PC and iOS
* IK Multimedia iRig Midi 2
* MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge V2 Interface: approx. 60 Euros.
* MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge V2: approx. 118 Euros.

We recommend the Quatra Merger over less expensive mergers because you can plug in up to 4 MIDI devices (MIDI pedal). More on that below.

3. I want to change sounds while playing

The MIDIDESIGNER App’s Pedalboards function allows you to change sounds and layers.
Depending on how many layers you’re using, you can make anywhere between 8 and 16 changes per registration.

1. Change all prepared sounds within a registration
2. Change layered sounds, such as strings and flute to brass and xylophone. Parameters such as volume and reverb are saved separately and can be selected when calling up a registration.
3. You can use any MIDI command to make a prepared sound change. This makes all of your MIDI function keys on your MIDI instrument, as well as any MIDI foot pedal, into sound change keys.


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