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All V3 Sound products are now available at SWEETWATER, the largest American online dealer for professional musical instruments.


Wireless sound expander control

Cut the cord with our new V3 CONTROL. It lets you run the XXL Sound Expander wirelessly and effortlessly, from sound selection and parameter editing to saving and loading registrations. Read more

Sonority XXL


With many Audio examples

    ... The V3 Sound Sonority XXL is a powerful MIDI sound expander with 1,000 high-quality sounds in a small triangular box. The four gigabytes of sample memory and the 256-voice polyphony produce a rich sound. The sound selection is successful and covers a large musical range. ....


Software for Windows Tablet and PC - Win7/8/10

Midi Control Software for V3 Sound Expander

  • Expander: V3 Sonority XXL, V3 Sonority XL, V3 Sonority & Classic, V3 Grand Piano XXL, V3 Grand Piano, V3 Accordion Master XL
  • Optimized for use with tablets
  • Access to most of the midi parameters for the expander
  • Can be played with midi keyboard (live performances)
  • Unlimited layer and split areas
  • Control multiple drum kits simultaneously
  • Integrated midi player
  • 16 midi channels/ instruments
  • Picture view of jpegs (musical notes/ song texts)
  • Customizable playlists
  • 30 day gratis test

Sonority XXL

The new model Sonority XXL with 1000 sound is available now.
There is an upgrade option for the existing Sonority. Please contact us.

Grand Piano XXL

The new model Grand Piano XXL with 680 sound is available now.
There is an upgrade option for the existing model Grand Piano 3GB.


16.10.2018 | YAMMEX Review from Glyn Madden - Yamaha club magazine UK

... Nearly all the sounds have wave cycling (the sound is slightly different each time you press a new key) and the voices are polyphonic. The effect is very subtle - but I spent a very happy quarter of an hour or so totally absorbed in playing the banjo...
...It is wonderfully compatible with the Genos keyboard and, I expect, equally so with all the instruments it is recommended for use with...
Full Review.pdf

VIVALDI MUSICAL – The Fifth Season - Volksoper Vienna

How does the tone generator sound live with a big orchestra? Visit The Fifth Season at the Volksoper in Vienna to get an impression.

Christian Wegscheider (piano) and Christian Kolonovits (composer) Christian Wegscheider uses the MP7 at his keyboard and the V3 GRAND PIANO for the piano sound.

Christian Wegscheider (Piano) “This gives me the fortissimo I need to really stand out in certain passages in the mix.”



30.8.2018 | YAMMEX Review from German ONLINE Magazin DELAMAR
YAMMEX + audio demos - text in German


"Rock/Classical pianist Mistheria plays V3 Grand Piano on stage with his "Vivaldi Metal Project" show."

www.Vivaldi Metal

...If you need a Piano module on stage to give the right "touch of makeup" to your sound and performance, here's what's right for you!





Chucky Booker, Musical Director of Lionel R.







Chucky and Klaus DZIDA (V3 SOUND CEO) in 2016 with one of the first prototypes.




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