V3 Bluetooth Receiver

The new V3 BLUETOOTH RECEIVER has exactly the same functions as the previous model. It is smaller and the extension cable is no longer required.


How to control V3 SOUND triangel products

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Which model is that right?
All about Sonority XXL and V3 Control

New basic version of MidiToolEX

New V3 CONTROL page - LIVE

Manual Addendum 1.9.pdf

New dealer for USA/Canada

All V3 Sound products are now available at SWEETWATER, the largest American online dealer for professional musical instruments.


The Behringer X-TOUCH MINI is a standard USB MIDI controller for selecting 48 sounds from each V3 SOUND sound expander.
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VIVALDI MUSICAL – The Fifth Season - Volksoper Vienna

How does the tone generator sound live with a big orchestra? Visit The Fifth Season at the Volksoper in Vienna to get an impression.

Christian Wegscheider (piano) and Christian Kolonovits (composer) Christian Wegscheider uses the MP7 at his keyboard and the V3 GRAND PIANO for the piano sound.

Christian Wegscheider (Piano) “This gives me the fortissimo I need to really stand out in certain passages in the mix.”

"Rock/Classical pianist Mistheria plays V3 Grand Piano on stage with his "Vivaldi Metal Project" show."

www.Vivaldi Metal

...If you need a Piano module on stage to give the right "touch of makeup" to your sound and performance, here's what's right for you!





Chucky Booker, Musical Director of Lionel R.








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