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gigKAT 2 | Mallet specialist

The gigKAT 2 was developed with a specific focus on chromatic percussion. It is a 4Gb collection of multi-layered digital samples - over 16 times that of its predecessor - that contains multiple choices of vibraphones, marimbas, and timpani, along with orchestral chimes, bells, xylophones, celeste, crotales and concert percussion as well at Latin Percussion and drum sets. Of course, it also contains a great sounding assortment of non-percussion instruments, including guitars, basses, pianos, organs, brass and wind instruments, etc. In all, there are over 1000 sounds available on the gigKAT2.

GigKAT2  is only available at   ALTERNATE MODE.

TTT Edition

TTT-Edition | Theatre Organ Specialist

The Soundexpander TTT-Edition was developed in collaboration with the British sample pioneer TTT-Sound. With the sounds of the legendary Wurlitzer organ in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, the TTT edition currently offers the largest theater organ sample library, supplemented by numerous sounds from the new V3 models.

TTT-Edition is a standard MIDI expander with 649 sounds and works with any MIDI keyboard or Organone to three manuals plus bass pedals.
The TTT hardware offers 4 GB flash memory, 11,400 samples, and 256-voice polyphony created with cutting-edge sampling modelling technology.
TTT Edition is a product that is only available at TTT SOUNDS UK.

TTT Edition


Software for Windows Tablet and PC Win7/8/10

If your MIDI instrument doesn’t have these functions available, the Windows App MidiToolEx is the perfect solution.

This App was specifically developed for the V3 Sound Expander and is exclusively for controlling sounds and their dynamics. MidiToolEx not only organizes and saves all sounds and effects for 16 instruments, it also has a Midi player, screen, playlists and much more.

Click here to get the MidiToolEx App for Windows.

What can the App do??

1. It is optimized for use on tablets
2. It can access almost all of the Midi parameters of the V3 Sound Expander
3. You can play it through a Midi keyboard in live performances
4. It has any number of layer and split options
5. It has an integrated Midi player and 16 Midi channels
6. You can control the instruments from 2 stereo outputs (MAIN / AUX)
7. Its screen can display jpegs (for notation and song texts)
8. You can create your own playlists
Screen resolution: min. 900 x 900 Operating system: Windows 7/8/10

Behringer X-TOUCH MINI

Hardware MIDI-Controller

All V3 sound modules are standard MIDI expanders. The housing has two pots: master volume and master reverb. Use MIDI to call up sounds and to make all other adjustments. If your MIDI instrument doesn’t have these functions available, the Behringer X-Touch Mini USB MIDI controller is a great, inexpensive solution.

Using the software Behringer supplies for free, you can load up to 48 sounds on the X-Touch Mini buttons.

X-Touch Mini website

Grand Piano XXL

iPhone App | Mididesigner2

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