TTT Edition

TTT-Edition is a standard MIDI expander with 649 sounds and works with any MIDI keyboard or Organone to three manuals plus bass pedals.
The TTT hardware offers 4 GB flash memory, 11,400 samples, and 256-voice polyphony created with cutting-edge sampling modelling technology.
TTT Edition is a product that is only available at TTT SOUNDS UK.


1. Professional User

If your organ or keyboard has the ability to control the MIDI bank, program change, and volume, and you know how to set it, you will not need any additional information than the sound list.

2. Amateur player - YAMAHA Keyboards

If you use one of this YAMAHA Keyboards: TYROS 2, 3, 4, 5, GENOS, SX900, SX700, PSR-S970/975/770/775/670, CVP-701-501/ CGP-1000, just copy the TTT USER VOICES to your unit, and call up and edit all sounds in the display of your YAMAHA keyboard. You can save and retrieve the sounds as easily as if they were part of the original keyboard. MIDI and Audio must be connected naturally.

3. Amateur player - any Organs or keyboards

The product "TTT-Ultra Plus" includes the TTT-Edition sound expander, and a small MIDI controller with touch display. This MIDI Controller hold many pre-programmed setups from TTT. That means infect and start playing. Of course, all setup can be edited.

TTT Edition Ultra Plus
Price TTT - Pound £ 599,-
Price TTT ULTRA PLUS - Pound £ 899,-
Sound list & manual
Technical specification


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