14. April 2023 - DRUMITY

DRUMITY is the newest member of the V3 Sound family of sound expanders. Its name says it all: DRUMITY is a very powerful drum sound expander with 15,000 samples and 1,000 instruments neatly packed into its iconic V3 triangular housing. The sheer volume it offers allows you the ability to play almost every style of music you could think of – from metal to swing or classical to world music. DRUMITY expands the capabilities of any MIDI drum kit, enhances live performance and enriches home studio productions with high-quality, even exotic, sounds.

Available from 1. 1. 2024. 


1. January 2023 - V3 Bluetooth Receiver

The V3 Bluetooth Receiver for the V3 Apps is available in a new size. The functionality remains the same. The USB extension cable is no longer required.

V3 Bluetooth Receiver
V3 Bluetooth Receiver an der Rückseite des Soundexpanders  angesteckt.