Wireless sound expander control


V3 Drum Control - Screen shot 1
V3 Drum Control - Screen shot 2

With the V3 DRUM CONTROL app you control our sound expander DRUMITY.



App Apple iOS  (OS 9.3 and higher)

App Google Android (OS 5 and higher)


Soft- and Hardware

The app, designed exclusively for tablets, is compatible with iOS and Android systems. The app is available for download in your online app store. The V3 BLUETOOTH RECEIVER, available for 90 euros, is required for wireless data transfer between the app and your DRUMITY sound expander. A standard Bluetooth connection or USB cable cannot be used.



A technical trick prevents any latency when using the app. The sound triggers are directly connected to MIDI-IN at the same time the app sends control signals through USB-IN.


MIDI Functionality

The app and PC Editor control up to 38 notes and 100 sound banks. Up to 300 drumkits can be saved in the app. Sound, volume, room, reverb, pan, tuning, envelope attack and decay, filter cutoff, layer sounds and audio-out are all adjustable parameters.


Trigger input

The assignment of trigger note numbers in DRUMITY is fixed. You must use Note 36 for the bass drum. Hi-hat articulations are controlled by the standard hi-hat controller CC4. The transitions between hi-hat 100% open, 75% open, 50% open, and 25% open are adjusted by 4 values in the PC Editor and the app. The hi-hat note numbers must be set according to the table of assigned numbers.

There are 2 options for the “cymbal choke”: a Key-Aftertouch-Message, which is standard with most e-drums, or with a second trigger. A cymbal crash stops with a hit on a second trigger.


Layer Bass Drum Trigger

The instrument on trigger Various 1 is routed to Note 36/Bass Drum with the parameter “Link Bass.” When you set Snare buzzer here, for example, both the Bass Drum and the Snare buzzer noise play on the trigger 36.

Layer Snare Trigger

The instrument on trigger Various 2 is routed to Note 38/snare with the parameter “Link Snare.” When you set claps here, for example, both the snare and claps play on the trigger Snare 38.


Registrationen - Drumkit

The app allows you to select sounds and set the following parameters in a simple, menu-driven way.

Registration means the entirety of all settings of the sound expander. The settings can be saved in the app and, if necessary, transferred back to the sound expander - wirelessly with the V3 Bluetooth receiver.

The app provides 300 memory locations for importing and exporting registrations. The extended copy function allows both the copying of individual sounds and the copying of individual parameters between different registrations.

36 Bass Drum
38 Snare
37 Side Stick
40 Snare Rimshot
48 Tom 1
50 Tom 1 Rim
45 Tom 2
47 Tom 2 Rim
43 Tom 3
58 Tom 3 Rim
41 Tom 4
39 Tom 4 Rim
51 Ride Bow
53 Ride Bell
59 Ride Edge
49 Crash 1
55 Crash 1 Edge
57 Crash 2
52 Crash 2 Edge
54 Various 1
56 Various 2
46/26/42/44/21 Hi-hat