Wireless sound expander control


V3 Sound Control - Screen shot
V3 Sound Control - Screen shot

Cut the cord with our app V3 SOUND CONTROL. It lets you run the Sound Expander Grand Piano XXL, Sonority XXL und Accordion Master XXL wirelessly and effortlessly, from sound selection and parameter editing to saving and loading registrations



App Apple iOS (OS 9.3 and higher)

App Google Android  (OS 5 and higher)


Soft- and Hardware

The app, designed exclusively for tablets, is compatible with iOS and Android systems. The app is available for download in your online app store. The V3 BLUETOOTH RECEIVER, available for 90 euros, is required for wireless data transfer between the app and your V3 sound expander. A standard Bluetooth connection or USB cable cannot be used.



A technical trick prevents any latency when using the app. The sound triggers are directly connected to MIDI-IN at the same time the app sends control signals through USB-IN.


MIDI Functionality

The app gives your MIDI instrument the functions of a master keyboard. You can assign up to six sounds to a MIDI channel (layer).

The app interface is set up in these groups: UPPER, LOWER, BASS, SOLO, LEAD, SPECIAL and DRUMS. You can assign a certain number of sounds to each group. Each group is connected to a specific MIDI channel. The group names are simply for easy identification and organization. You are free to choose which sounds you want to use in each group, regardless of its name.

The scenes allow you flexibility with the sounds. You can use up to 4 scenes in each registration. In a scene, you can save on/off commands in order to make sounds active (audible) or inactive (mute). This makes sound changes during a song fast and easy. Simply select the scene, and voilà, you have a new instrumentation! Learn more in the V3 SOUND CONTROL user manual. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - EXPRESSION It is not possible to change the scenes if you want to continuously change the volume with the MIDI controller 11. For example the volume swell of an organ, or the bellows dynamics of a MIDI accordion. 


Settings and Registrations

The app offers simple menus from which you can select sounds and adjust the following parameters:

Volume, Panorama Reverb, Chorus Attack, Decay, Release Transpose, Fine Tune Cutoff, Mono/Poly Audio outputs: MAIN or AUX Small text field for chords

All of these settings are available for 16 sounds per registration. The term registration is used to describe the entire set of assignments for the sound expander. A registration – meaning all of the settings you put in place – can be saved in the app and loaded onto the sound expander as needed – wirelessly using Bluetooth. The app has 300 memory slots available for importing and exporting registrations. An expanded copy function allows you to copy individual sounds as well as individual parameters among registrations.