Comparison table

Which sound module is right for me?

In principle, our sound expanders can be operated with all MIDI devices – from a simple MIDI keyboard to a complete accordion MIDI system. If you have any questions about integrating a V3 sound expander into your MIDI equipment: save yourself the tedious reading of the manual and simply contact us!

Sound Grand Piano XXL Sonority XXL Accordion M. XXL
Programs  680  1.000 928
Samples  12.000  13.000  13.000
Grand Piano Vienna 1 800MB
Grand Piano Hamburg 1 500MB
Grand Piano Vienna 2 300MB 300MB
Elec.Grand  150MB  41MB  41MB
Rhodes MK1  140MB  21MB  21MB
&Rhodes Dyno  200MB    
Wurlitzer A200  202MB  67MB  67MB
Yamaha FM  50MB  50MB  50MB
Organs  521MB  521MB  521MB
Guitar & Stringed  363MB  522MB  522MB
Accordion  114MB  271MB  556MB
String Ensemble      
Full Strings 1  55MB  55MB  55MB
Full Strings 2  58MB  58MB  58MB
Strings  200MB  365MB  248MB
Synthesizer  217MB  217MB  217MB
Brass  216MB  267MB  267MB
&Saxophon  151MB  151MB  151MB
Winds  106MB  129MB  129MB
Classic Winds  12MB  191MB  109MB
Choir  74MB  104MB  104MB
Bass  105MB  111MB  111MB
Drums  4 Kits  37 Kits  37 Kits
   56MB  155MB  166MB
General MIDI    Level 1  Level 1