200 Drumkits - 16.000 Samples - 1.000 Instruments

Drum & Percussion Sound-Expander

Do you want to expand your MIDI drum kit capabilities? Do you need new and rare drum and percussion sounds to spice up your live performance or home studio production? Then our sound expander DRUMITY is the thing for you. This drum sound expander, with 15,000 samples and 1,000 instruments, covers nearly every musical genre, from metal and swing to classical and world music.



Acoustic Drum Sounds

DRUMITY offers an enormous selection of acoustic sounds. 133 acoustic bass drums, 164 snares with five articulations (rimshot, open hit, shallow rimshot, side stick, shallow hit). Toms and cymbals are also represented in more than ample selection. The sound list can be found in the manual.

There are 15 articulations for hi-hats, which are run with the MIDI Controller 4. Their threshold values can be adjusted in the PC Editor and app. The “smooth layer crossover” ensures perfect transitions.


Studio Kit

Electronic Drum Sounds

Do you need the hip e-drum sounds of the TR-808 or CR-78 for your production? The sounds and beats of these drum computers influenced electronic dance music and were also employed by pop music giants like Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and Marvin Gaye (“Sexual Healing”) with great success. DRUMITY incorporates these legendary original sounds, but also offers modified e-drum sounds, such as closed and half open TR-808 hi-hats.


Percussion Sounds

DRUMITY is a distinguished global player: it contains percussion instruments from Latin America, India, Türkiye, Africa, and Asia. Classical orchestra percussion, from the triangle and gong to the large, 36-inch Grand Casa, is as integral to the drum expander’s repertoire as the equally large selection of world percussion.

There are 180 samples of the conga, along with its close relatives the tumba (low) and quinto (high). These include the various hand techniques (articulations) used to play the instruments, without which an authentic sound wouldn’t be possible. Conga, tumba and quinto are available in 9 articulations: open, open short, slap, mute, slap mute, thumb, rim mute, dynamic open to slap, and dynamic open to mute.

Up to 20 different articulations are available for exotic percussion instruments like the Turkish bass darbuka. Percussion sounds use a “smooth mute” mode. Open, long samples are stopped by muting the slap sample.


Concert Bass Drum

Mallets, Pianos, Synths...

DRUMITY offers 150 programs with chromatic instruments in addition to purely percussive sounds: marimba, grand piano, synthesizer, chromatic tabla, hang, gamelan, steel drums, bianzhong.


App for iOS and Google Android

The app V3 DRUM CONTROL, designed exclusively for tablets, is compatible with iOS and Android systems. The app is available for download in your online app store. The V3 BLUETOOTH RECEIVER, available for 90 euros, is required for wireless data transfer between the app and your DRUMITY sound expander.

The app and PC Editor control up to 38 notes and 100 sound banks. Up to 300 drumkits can be saved in the app. Sound, volume, room, reverb, pan, tuning and audio-out are all adjustable parameters.

All information about the app can be found here.




DRUMITY has 256-voice polyphony and a 4GB internal flash memory. The sound expander offers 2 stereo outputs: Stereo main is connected to 2 resonance processors that can enhance each sound with room and reverb; aux-out can be set to either stereo or dual mono mode.


Trigger Input

The assignment of trigger note numbers in DRUMITY is fixed. You must use Note 36 for the bass drum. Hi-hat articulations are controlled by the standard hi-hat controller CC4. The transitions between hi-hat 100% open, 75% open, 50% open, and 25% open are adjusted by 4 values in the PC Editor and the app. The hi-hat note numbers must be set according to the table of assigned numbers.

There are 2 options for the “cymbal choke”: a Key-Aftertouch-Message, which is standard with most e-drums, or with a second trigger. A cymbal crash stops with a hit on a second trigger.


Layer Trigger

Sounds on the Various 1 and 2 triggers can be routed to Note 38/Snare or 36/Bass Drum using the "Link-Snare" and "Link-Bassdrum" parameters. If you set e.g. claps here, both the snare and this instrument will sound when the snare 38 is triggered.



A technical trick prevents any latency when using the app. The sound triggers are directly connected to MIDI-IN at the same time the app sends control signals through USB-IN.